Trance to Change Hypnotherapy

Healing with Hypnotherapy:

Releasing Blocks and Achieving 


Experience a Session

Class and guided trance downloads provide a holistic experience within the comfort of your own space and time.  

Mindfulness meets the 

Law of Attraction

Upcoming Classes and Gatherings

Explore the many benefits of the trance state through guided hypnotherapy and meditation sessions and classes.  For up to date notices on upcoming classes and gathering join our groups!

Hypnotherapy Meetup is a combination of monthly classes and meetings that honor the spiritual and scientific side of hypnotherapy and working with the subconscious mind. Sign up today.

Readers Roundtable is designed with the intuitive reader in mind.  A combination of group meetings to connect with like-minded people and encourage the growth of our intuitive tools. Sign up today.

Past Life Regression Discussion Group is a meetup designed to discuss and explore past lives with others in a nonjudgmental and friendly environment. Sign up today.